Hear from some of our clients

“Let me tell you: I know we’re probably one of the smallest churches among Redwire’s clientele, but they ALWAYS make us feel like we are the center of their universe. In a world where customers service/client relationship is a dying art, Redwire consistently exceeds expectations.”

-Sean Currier (Grace Church of the Nazarene)


“The work Redwire AV did for us helps to connect all of our church campuses together. Even though we’re 20 plus miles away from each other, it doesn’t feel like 20 plus miles away. And so, the equipment that has been installed allows us to be one Church in many locations effectively.”

-Ben Forehand (Life Church Raleigh)


“…Redwire is truly seeking to serve churches and organizations and to provide what they need. I feel like that really is the heart of what Redwire is and why I would say to do business with them”

-David Lewis (Living Hope Church)